Update Regarding Recent cPanel Price Changes

In the past few weeks cPanel, the company that provides the web hosting panel that we and many other web hosts use, communicated a change to their pricing structure which pretty much shocked the web hosting world.

For most of its lifetime, cPanel has always charged for its licences on a per-server basis. This new pricing structure means they will now charge per account on a server.

Initial reading shows that some web hosts will be hit with price increases of up to 900%. Many hosts are now considering ditching cPanel altogether in favour of another control panel or finding other ways to pass the cost onto customers. The difficulty being is that they won’t know from month to month what their costs will be.

The main web hosts to be hit will be those that have in the past offered unlimited web hosting accounts or unlimited reseller accounts – particularly where these have been offered at a very low price. In many cases, it means they will have 1000’s of accounts on one server and therefore costs will spiral.

We have stated many times in the past that we have or will never offer unlimited accounts or stuff 1000’s of accounts on one server and our pricing structure (which is higher than most) reflects this. It means a better quality of service and it’s easier to manage.

It means that largely we are unaffected by the price changes – a few £££’s here and there but nothing so significant that we have to change anything about our pricing – for now!

What we mean by this is that many people believe that this isn’t the end and further increases may occur down the line.

cPanel has been bought by a venture capitalist company that also own cPanel’s main competitor – Plesk. So, moving accounts to Plesk is also fraught with risk in that there is no saying that this will also go down the same route.

What we’ve decided to do is not jump into anything and make rash decisions. We’re carefully monitoring the situation and at the same time looking at viable alternatives. This decision by cPanel will probably see other companies dramatically improving their current offer to entice current cPanel customers in their direction. For us, if it isn’t perfect then we won’t be moving.

For now, it’s business as usual and we’ll keep you updated on any further decisions that we make.