There’s No Such Thing as Unlimited Web Hosting

During your search for web hosting you may have come across some products that tell you that everything is unlimited. But, is it really true?

First and foremost, there’s probably nothing wrong with these services. This post isn’t designed to undermine any of the other hosting companies out there. We do get asked though why we don’t offer unlimited web hosting accounts.

The answer is simple. There’s no such thing!

No server that is used for web hosting is truly unlimited. There’s always capacity. There’s always a limit to how much a disk can hold and there’s always limits on traffic due to the resources the server has.

So, why do people advertise it?

Easy. Shared Web Hosting means that one server will hold multiple accounts (100’s if not 1000’s) and each website takes up disc space (website files, databases and emails). At some point in the design of your website you’ll get to a point where your’re satisfied and, it’s likely that from that point you will only make tweaks and changes.

We’ve done some research looking at our existing clients. A typical example we see is a WordPress installation with WooCommerce and around 23 plugins installed. 2500 pages and 500 products in the WooCommerce store. The total size of the website including databases is just a shade over 3GB. Hardly a need for an unlimited account.

The idea is that your sites won’t take up as much space as you might think – and this is how unlimited products can be offered.

Here’s the thing though. Unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited resources. Shared hosting will mean that you share the resources with everyone else.

One other thing is you are considering an unlimited account is to look closely at the terms and conditions. You’ll see it isn’t (in most cases) unlimited. Most of them have a fair usage policy. Some even state that if your account goes outside the realms of ‘normal usage’ your account could be suspended. What’s normal usage?

When we put our accounts together we wanted to be sure that everyone has fair use of resources. We limit the number of accounts per server to ensure the resources don’t get overused. We’ve also put limits in place for each account.

These limits are extremely generous.  It’s highly likely that you will never exceed the limits of your account. And if you think you might as your site grows, there’s always the option to upgrade to a package that grows with you.