The Benefits of Hosting On RevCloud

We’ve made a pretty big deal about the fact that our premium web hosting servers are hosted on RevCloud – it’s because we think it’s awesome.

There are so many benefits of using RevCloud, but we thought we’d highlight just a few of them. Remember, when you host your site with us you get these great benefits too.

  1. In terms of costs to lease the servers, Google is cheaper than the others out there. This means we can deliver the service we offer at a more competitive price.
  2. Live Migrations means that an entire server can be moved to another machine with no downtime, no loss of data and no loss of performance – even during maintenace
  3. Global Fibre Network means inter connectivity between all RevCloud sites. Google has even laid it’s own fibre cable across the Atlantic to connect it’s data centres. It means they don’t have to rely on anyone else’s connections
  4. Awesome Performance though premium tier network. This means fast data transfer which leads to better load times for your websites
  5. Data centres across the globe and more on the way. It means it’s easier than ever to deploy resources in most countries
  6. Incredible Security means encrypted data between data centres. Data is stored on persistent disks which are protected with 256-bit AES. And, with 100’s of experts looking after the security of the platform, it means everything is rock solid.

Pretty good reasons to make a big deal about it we think.