Standard Web Hosting Packages Now on RevCloud

You Asked. We Listened. We Acted.

Since we launched our Premium Super Fast Web Hosting Packages on our new RevCloud Platform, many of you have been asking whether we would or whether we would consider moving our Standard Web Hosting Products onto the same platform.

We have some good news for you. We’ve completed the work on this and now all of our Standard Web Hosting Packages are now on our RevCloud Platform.

We’ve integrated some of the key features of our our Premium Super Fast Web Hosting Packages. There are a few differences though and below you’ll find the headlines.


What Have We Done?

We’ve added new servers to our RevCloud Platform and transferred all of the accounts from our old platform to our new servers on our RevCloud Platform.

And because these are new servers with new software that needed to build, it allowed us the opportunity to add in some new features to improve the speed and security of our Standard Web Hosting Packages.

It also means a more gradual increase in features from the lowest standard web hosting package to our highest premium web hosting package.

The move was carefully planned and done in such as way that no data would have been lost. The server software was built to make sure that it was immediately compatible with current hosting accounts.


What Are the Benefits?

There are benefits to both us and you as our customer. It means:

  • We have more granular control over performance and security of our servers and the accounts held on them.
  • We can scale quicker (automatically in most cases) when needed, an extra layer of firewall protection, Googles super fast premium tier network and security
  • Easier to move accounts from Standard to Premium platforms when needed
  • Increased speed and overall performance compared to our legacy servers
  • New security software in line with our Premium Web Hosting Accounts
  • Because we can easily scale up and down, the cost can remain the same despite the extra functionality


What’s Changed, What’s New, What’s Different?

Here’s the headlines of what changed:

imunify360 Now Protects These Servers – this means increased levels of security with Web Application Firewalls, Malware Scan (on demand and scheduled) and DDoS Protection

Nginx Added as a Reverse Proxy – updated Apache and Nginx added as a reverse proxy. We wanted to use Nginx as a server but were concerned about immediate compatibility with existing accounts. It means you get the power of Apache serving your websites but the speed and caching functions of Nginx

Added Optimised MySQL Servers – New accounts will have this function automatically and we’ve transferred existing databases already. This follows the one server one job architecture of our Premium Web Hosting Package Platform for further performance increases

Increased Resource Limits (LVE)  – We’ve been able to increase the resource limits we’ve set in CloudLinux via the Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE). You’ll find these very generous compared to other hosts out there

Better Backups – Backups are still daily on the lowest standard web hosting package and hourly on others. backups are now help offsite and the functionality to restore available in cPanel

Updated PHP – All PHP versions have had an update and will automatically update from now on

Hardened PHP – This means that we automatically patch older versions of PHP that are no longer supported by the PHP community

Better Software Installer – We’ve added the Installatron Software Installer making it even easier to add new software to your accounts

We hove you love the changes we’ve made and enjoy the increased performance they deliver.