Say Hello to RevCloud

We’ve always made a lot of noise about how fast our hosting is. Well, now it’s even quicker. In fact, it’s blazing fast web hosting on steroids! Yes, that fast.

Really you may ask? We think so. How so you ask? Let us explain.

Our network has always been a cloud host. What this means we don’t have a big room here with 100’s of servers whizzing away doing their thing. Instead, by utilise the current providers out there who provide cloud computing. You probably have heard of Amazon AWS and the like (we don’t host with Amazon by the way).

But, that just isn’t it all. They just provide the server and hardware. It’s up to us to add all of the software, tweak all of the settings and make it all sing. And after a lot of searching, and negotiation and work and blood and sweat and tears we’ve finally got what we believe to be a super fast web hosting network and we’ve now moved all of our accounts to our new network. By the way, our existing customers love it!

It’s not just fast, it’s packed full of security stuff to keep your websites safe and secure from internet nasties.

Here’s the headlines (with techie jargon):

  • MaxiOPS Storage Technology – you’re going to find this a lot faster than standard SSD disks and they offer high performance of up to 100,000 IOPS
  • With N+1 philosophy across our network, we’ve eliminated all single points of failure. It means that downtime is minimal if none existent.
  • Easily scalable – it means our network can grow as quickly as we need it. We don’t need servers that just sit around doing nothing and costing us and therefore you money. If we need it we can have a new operational server online in just under 60 seconds. This is also the case if one of our existing servers becomes sick.
  • Separated resources and storage – if one server becomes sick an other boots and connects to the storage to keep things moving along.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server technology to make web loading times fly
  • Imunify360 security with malware scanner, firewall, herd technology and DDoS Protection

In simple terms

  • It’s fast
  • It hardly ever breaks (probably never)
  • It’s secure
  • It’s fast
  • It’s good value for money
  • It’s fast

Give us a try and you can tell us if we’re right to shout as loud as we do about our super fast web hosting service.