We use CloudLinux on our servers to ensure fair use of resources. It means that no one person can hog all of the resources on the server and impact on other users performance. Here’s how it works.

If you’ve used shared web hosting before, you’ll know it can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. It’s because you’re typically sharing the servers resource with hundreds or thousands of other accounts.

If one person runs something that’s resource hungry, everyone suffers.

While we’ve initially taken steps to limit the number of accounts per server to ensure there aren’t too many people fighting for resources, we’ve gone a bit further. Like some other hosts, we use CloudLinux.

In simple terms, CloudLinux allows us to put each hosting account into it’s own little area of the server – known as a Cage. This prevents any malicious malware or other nasties affecting the entire file structure and therefore other accounts.

Secondly, it allows us to set limits on how much of the server resource any one account can use. Each hosting product has different levels.

So, what does that mean?

Without CloudLinux, say a server has 8 CPU’s and 64GB of RAM (we’ve got much more – don’t panic). If person A decides to begin uploading a huge file, or runs a PHP process that is resource hungry – the reality is person A will have access to all 8 CPU’s. Everyone else will have to battle to get processing power for their sites.

With CloudLinux we can set limits on how much resource each account can use. So, let’s say person A’s cage has access to only 2 CPU’s, regardless of how much the PHP script tries, only 2 CPU’s will be used. Everyone else should be A OK!

The limits we have a far more generous than most. It’s because we control the amount of accounts on each server. It’s also why our pricing is a little higher. You’ll get much better performance.

The limits are based on percentage. 100% means full use of 1 CPU, 150% 1.5 CPU etc. Our current limits are set at:

  • Standard Accounts – 100%
  • Power – 150%
  • Power+ – 200%
  • WordPress Premium – 150%
  • WooCommerce Premium – 200%

Most websites will happily fly along on 1 CPU and busy eCommerce stores on 2 CPU’s.

It’s important to note that you don’t get exclusive use of the above. It means that your account can use up to the resources available but they will still be shared with everyone else.