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You’ve got yourself all setup and ready to begin adding your website files. Here’s how to do this.

Options for Adding Files

You can either do this via the cPanel Control Panel or using some software on your computer. Or, take the easy option. Here’s the steps for both options.

Easy Option

Submit a ticket that includes your current IP address, login name and password and if your site is hosted in cPanel, Plesk or something else and we’ll transfer all of your files over for you. We may need to come back and ask for a few more details. But normally this is all we need. We’ll let you know once this is done.

Adding Files Yourself

Firstly, For Both Options Options Below

You’re going to need your website files and if it’s run by them, your databases. If you already have these then just skip this step and move down to the uploading part below.

If you already have hosting on your account, the quickest way to do this is to access the file manager in your hosting, select all of the files and add to an archive and download the Zip. You will also need to take a dump of your databases.

Via the cPanel Control Panel

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  1. Login to your panel and click File Manager
  2. Double click public_html
  3. Click Upload (it's in the very top menu) and upload the Zip file
  4. Once uploaded, click on your file once to highlight it then click extract (top menu, second from last)
  5. Ensure the box that says Overwrite Existing Files is NOT ticked. Click extract to here
  6. Your files will now be extracted and available on the server
  7. You can now safely remove the Zip file

Using Software on Your Desktop

To do this you’ll need a piece of software called an FTP programme. We recommend using Filezilla.

Once you have Filezilla, here’s the steps:

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  1. Click the icon in the top left. This will open the Site Manager. Click New Site
  2. Under host, add the IP address of your account. You can find this in your welcome email.
  3. Then add your account username and password from your welcome email (the same on you will use for cPanel Control Panel)
  4. Now, at the top of the pop up box, click Transfer Settings and change this to Passive. You must do this or you won't be able to connect
  5. Click Connect
  6. Once connected, you'll see your PC files on the left and server files on the right
  7. In the server files, double click the public_html folder
  8. Then, select the files you wish to transfer from your PC files. You can use CTRL + A
  9. The, drag the files over into the server box. This will begin the transfer process

Note - You can transfer zip files this way but can't extract them through Filezilla. You will either need to transfer unzipped files or go into cPanel Control Panel to extract this files.

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