Upload Files to Your Website Using FTP

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About this Article

This article explains how to upload files to your web space using FTP. 

What You Will Need

To do this you’ll need a piece of software called an FTP programme. We recommend using Filezilla. You can download FileZilla here


Once you have Filezilla, here’s the steps:

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  1. Click the icon in the top left. This will open the Site Manager. Click New Site
  2. Under host, add the IP address of your account. You can find this in your welcome email.
  3. Then add your account username and password from your welcome email (the same on you will use for cPanel Control Panel)
  4. Now, at the top of the pop up box, click Transfer Settings and change this to Passive. You must do this or you won't be able to connect
  5. Click Connect
  6. Once connected, you'll see your PC files on the left and server files on the right
  7. In the server files, double click the public_html folder
  8. Then, select the files you wish to transfer from your PC files. You can use CTRL + A
  9. The, drag the files over into the server box. This will begin the transfer process

A Note About Zip Files

Note – You can transfer zip files this way but can’t extract them through Filezilla. You will either need to transfer unzipped files or go into cPanel Control Panel to extract this files.

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