Upgrading or Downgrading Your Account

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This article describes how to upgrade your account should you need to move to a higher package, or downgrade should you need to move to a smaller account.

Upgrading & Downgrading

Great – you’ve found you need to upgrade your account. Good news is, this is really easy. Same if you find that you need to downgrade to.

All functions relating to billing are handled through the Client Area of our website. You can login here.

Once you’ve logged in:

  1. Click the services box. Then click the service you would like to upgrade or downgrade.
  2. Click the upgrade button. It’s under the big disk image. You’ll then see all of the upgrade/downgrade options.
  3. Once you’ve find the perfect package, click Choose Product.
  4. You’ll then be taken to a cart page. You’ll need to make a pro-rata payment via Paypal if you’re upgrading. This action will also update your subscription. Click Continue
  5. Once you’ve finished your action with Paypal, you’ll return to your account and the upgrade/downgrade action will take place on your account in just a few minutes.
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