Restore a MySQL Database from JetBackup

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We take regular backups of your account using a plugin called JetBackup. This is a premium service that is available on all of our hosting accounts. These backups are held at an external location.

Backups are run on a schedule. Standard accounts are backed up daily. Premium Super Fast accounts are backed up every hour.

A number of backups are retained and you can see this backups in your cPanel account.

What is Backed Up

  • Simply, everything. We backup:
  • Your website files
  • Databases
  • Account settings
  • SSL
  • Cron Jobs

What Can I Restore?

You can restore everything from an individual file to a full account backup. You can do this in cPanel.

Backup Your Current Database

We recommend that you take a backup of your database in it’s current state before proceeding. This is just incase the restore fails. Do not progress to the restore stage without carrying out this first stage.

To backup your current database:

  • Log into cPanel and find the Files Section. Click Backups under that section
  • From the next screen, locate the Download a MySQL Backup Section. Here you will see a list of all of your current databases
  • Click the database you wish to download
  • This will then download a backup of your database in its current state.

To Restore Your Database from a JetBackup

  • Log into cPanel and locate the JetBackups section
  • Click the Database Backups option
  • Find the backup you wish to restore from. They run in order with the most recent backup at the bottom
  • Click Restore next to the database you want to restore
  • Confirm that you wish to proceed in the prompt
The backup will then be added to the restore queue (this doesn’t restore instantly). You can view the current progress by clicking the progress link. This will be where the restore link was previously.

The time it takes depends on other jobs currently running and the number of files you are restoring. Once complete this will show Restore Completed.

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