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This article describes how to release files that have been trapped by our malware scanner. All files that are uploaded to your webspace (via FTP, uploaded to cPanel or through scripts such as WordPress) are scanned in realtime. If anything untoward appears, they will be quarantined.

What Causes Files to be Quarantined?

Files that match certain rules will be quarantined. All files are checked against a database that is updated in realtime. This is called Herd Technology. If something in your file matches something in this database it will be quarantined.

We also find that files that include mailing scripts – something that can send an email via PHP mail will also be blocked. Many malicious scripts or malware tend to include these.

Quarantined Files

Files that have been quarantined are not deleted. You can find these by logging into cPanel and scrolling to the security tab. Click Imunify360.

Releasing Quarantined Files

In the Files tab you can see a list of all quarantined files.  You can click the file to expand the line and see the reason why the malware scanner has trapped the file. It may be just precautionary or it’s found something malicious.

You can click the eye icon at the end of the row to view the file (at least the start of it). You should use the file manager to view the whole file.

It’s important that you review this before taking any further action.

If you’re happy that this was precautionary and there is nothing malicious in the file, you can click the fish icon to restore the file. Alternatively, hit the cog and select Add to Ignore List (and restore). This will restore the file and add the file to a list where if it is updated won’t be quarantined again.

A Warning

Just a quick note that it is your responsibility to manage your files and if you do add anything malicious or remove a quarantined file that does cause damage then we will not be held responsible for this. We are also under no obligation to help you restore any damage done by adding malicious files. It should also be noted that continued adding of malicious files is agains our terms and conditions and may result in your account being suspended or terminated.
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