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If you are seeing a message to say that your website is temporarily offline, it’s likely that we’ve suspended your account. We don’t like doing this and this article explains the reasons why this has probably happened and how you can fix this.

Why Has My Account Been Suspended?

There are 2 probable reasons for this:

  1. Your hosting account has overdue invoices
  2. We’ve detected some malware on your account and/or we believe your website has been comprimised

How Can You Fix the Above?

If your hosting account has overdue invoice, you can get your account back online in a few seconds by paying your invoice via the client area here. We send invoices 7 days before the due date and allow 7 days after the due date before your account is suspended. In that time we’ll send at least 3 reminders to pay.

To avoid this from happening, we recommend that you set up a PayPal subscription to pay your account automatically

If we believe your account has been compromised then we’ll work with you to find out what’s happened. First thing to do is to submit a ticket or jump on chat and let us look at what’s caused this.

All files are scanned in realtime as they are uploaded and we also carry our regular scans of your account to keep a check. If something comes up against one of these scans then we may take the decision to suspend the account.

In normal circumstances we’ll email you immediately to let you know we’ve done this.

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