How To Create a Cron Task in cPanel

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This article will help you set up cron tasks from cPanel where needed.

What Are Con Tasks

Cron tasks are tasks that are run on a regular basis. They are fired by setting them up in the Crontab. Normally this is done via the command line on a terminal, however they can be set up quickly in cPanel.

When you install an application onto your web hosting account, the instructions often ask you to set up a cron task. They will also give you some code that makes up the cron task. It typically looks a bit like this:

00 11 12 2 5 /home/acct/bin/incremental-backup

To break this down:

  • The first 2 numbers are minutes (what minute in the hour will the job fire)
  • The next 2 numbers are hours (what hour will the job run)
  • The next 2 numbers are days (what day of the month the job will run)
  • The next 2 numbers are months (what day in the month the job will run)
  • The last 3 numbers are days of the week (which days in the week will the job run)
  • The text at the end is the path to where the script for the cron task is located.

You may also see numbers replaced by *. This means ‘Matches Anything’ and will be used when this isn’t needed in the task.

Also, you may see */2 (or some other number). This means every. For example every 2 days, or 1 week etc.

You need to look at this carefully as you will need to translate this and add the information to cPanel.

Once you have this information, you can now set up a cron task in cPanel.

Create a Cron Task

To create a cron task:

  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. Scroll to the Advanced section and click Cron Jobs
  3. Scroll to Add New Cron Job
  4. Either use common settings or create your own schedule (you’ll need the numbers from the beginning of your cron task script and add these into the boxes. You can add numbers and *. A number means it will happen on that number i.e. 0,30 will mean it will fire at minute 0 and 30.  means every.
  5. Add your command. It’s likely you’re setting this up as you’ve been asked to do so and have been provided with the command. Add  the command exactly as you’ve been asked to add it – don’t miss anything out.
  6. Click Add New Cron Job.

That’s it.

Deleting Cron Tasks

You can edit an delete Crons under the Current Cron Jobs section

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