How to Add or Change DNS Settings

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This article explains how to add and change DNS settings.

Where to Find Your DNS Settings

We don’t host DNS at Revolution So, it’s likely you’ve bought your domain elsewhere or you’ve had it for a while already.

DNS is managed either by the place you bought your domain name from, or at the place where your Nameservers are pointing to.

There are too many to list or write instructions for, but you should easily be able to find these at your DNS provider.

Need to know how to point your domain to us? See this article.

WHOIS Lookup

If you don’t know where your DNS is hosted, a good place to begin to find out it to conduct a WHOIS search. WHOIS is the domain dame database. You can find this here.

Enter your domain name and the result will show you the current name servers for your domain. Here’s what you’ll see. This is the result for our domain.

We use Cloudflare for our DNS – you can see this in the Name Servers in the results.

If You Need Help

Some of them may not be so clear. If you need help though just ask and we’ll help find where your DNS is hosted

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