How to Add an SSL Certificate To Your Domain

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About this Article

This article explains the steps to install an SSL that you have bought from an external provider onto your domain.

Before You Start

If you’ve purchased an SSL and want to add it to your domain, here’s how.

This assumes you’ve already taken the necessary steps to produce a CSR (certificate signing request). If not, checkout the article on how to do that first.

Installing the SSL Certificate

  • Log into cPanel Control Panel
  • Scroll to the Security section and click SSL/TLS
  • Click the link under Certificates (CRT)
  • Scroll to the heading Upload a New Certificate
  • Paste in the certificate text into the boxes provided. If you have a .crt file you can upload this instead
  • Once pasted, Click Save Certificate or upload certificate if you have used a file
  • Head back to your the SSL Manager page and click Manage SSL Sites and look for the domain or domains set that you want to secure. Click Add or Update Certificate
  • Under the Install an SSL Website heading click Browse Certificates. Look for the certificate you’ve just added then Click Use Certificate. You can also just click Autofill by Domain
  • Check the SSL details that are populated then click install certificate at the bottom of the page
  • Job done


Some providers will provide you with a .crt file rather than a txt file. In this case, use the upload buttons to add the parts of your certificate rather than complete the boxes.

If You Need Help

If you do need help with this then let us know and we’ll be glad to help out.

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