How to Add a New Database in cPanel

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Many applications that run on PHP (such as WordPress) require a database. This article explains how to create a database and a user in cPanel for your application.

Adding a Database

You can add databases really quickly via the cPanel Control Panel. Here’s How.

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Login to cPanel and follow these steps:

  1. Find the Databases section
  2. Click MySQL Database Wizard
  3. Add a name for your database. Click next step
  4. Create a user for your database and a strong password. Click Create User
  5. Select the privileges you want the user to have. You can select them individually or hit select all. Click Next Step
  6. The database is now created

Please take note of the database host address on the completion screen. You will need this to make a connection. You can also find this address in your web hosting welcome email.

Connect to the Database

You can now connect to the database using the following:

  • Host: the host address from the completing screen or welcome email (looks like
  • Database Name: The database name from above
  • Database user: The username from above
  • Database Password: The password from above

Please note, you can only connect to the database from sites hosted within your account. You can’t connect to the database from an external source using the IP address.

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