Emails are Not Being Delivered to My External Mail Service

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This article describes what to do if email that is being sent to you does not arrive at your external email account.

What is Happening?

If you have setup an external mail service such as Gmail, Office 365, Zoho Mail etc. and you are nor receiving emails, there’s a few things you need to check.

Check DNS Records

First, do you have MX records setup correctly in your DNS settings? This is normally a txt record or MX record with a value of You should check with your email provider to see what MX records should be set up.

Check Email Exchanger Setting in cPanel

Secondly, you need to make a quick change in your cPanel to ensure that email is delivered externally. All accounts are set correctly by default, but it’s worth checking.

  1. Login to cPanel and scroll to Email. Click Email Routing.
  2. If you have more than one domain setup, pick the correct domain from the dropdown.
  3. Then, from the options make sure Remote Mail Exchanger is set. This just makes sure that if an attempt to find a mail box on the server is made, the request is sent straight back to tell the email programme attempting to deliver the email to check the DNS records for the correct MX record.

If You Are Still Having Trouble

If you’re still having trouble then just submit a support ticket and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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