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All of our web hosting accounts are allocated limits from which the can operate in. One of these is CPU. Each product is allowed a certain amount of processing power. This article explains why you might see this maxed out at 100%

What Are the Limits?

You can learn more about the limits on our accounts here

What is CPU?

When you visit a page on your website or carry out any other action on your hosting account, the server will try and return the web page or carry out the action ASAP. This may mean that your CPU usage shows 100% during this time.

Seeing 100% CPU usage is totally normal and should only last for a few seconds.

Extended Periods of 100%

If you do see extended periods of 100% CPU usage, it’s likely that the limits on your account are not high enough for what you are using your hosting account for and an upgrade to a Power or Power+ package may be needed.

Reducing CPU Usage

If you are not using CloudFlare, this is worth setting up and it will dramatically reduce the CPU usage on your account.

Also, if you are using WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Magenta, XenForo Joomla or MediaWiki, be sure to install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin and this will also help lower your CPU usage.

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