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There are times that you may need to add a subdomain to one of your main domains. This is a quick and easy thing to do via cPanel.

You can have any number of subdomains on your domains, but they do count towards your disk usage and database usage. 

What Are Subdomains?

Sub domains sit in front of your main domain. For example,

The red bit above is the subdomain. You can host another site on this subdomain. It can have its own files. 

Adding a Subdomain in cPanel

  1. Login to cPanel Control Panel
  2. Scroll to the Domains Section
  3. Click Subdomains 
  4. Enter the Subdomain you want. If you have more than one main domain then select this from the drop down box
  5. Best to leave document root as it is
  6. Click Create
  7. Job done

Updating your DNS Records

You’ll need to add an A record to your DNS setting to point subdomain in the right place. See this article for how to do this.

You can now upload files to the subdomain. See how here.

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