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This article explains how to add a free SSL Certificate to your website.

Adding a Free SSL Certificate

You can add a free SSL Certificate to any domain in your account from Let’s Encrypt. The process only takes a few clicks.

Here’s the steps:

  • Log into Plesk Control Panel
  • Click Domains from the left menu
  • Find the domain you want to secure
  • Click Let’s Encrypt
  • Enter an email address (note, this must be real otherwise the certificate will not issue)
  • Select whether you also want to secure www (we recommend you do this)
  • Click Install

You’ll receive a notification when this has been done.

Installation Fails

If it fails, it normally means that the domain has not been able to resolve back to the server or the email address isn’t real. You need to make sure that the domain name is pointing to the server using the IP address from your welcome email.

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