Gutenberg – The New WordPress Editor

If you’re a fan of WordPress you’ve probably become very used to the WYSIWYG WordPress Visual Editor. The easy to use editor hasn’t had much of an update for a long time an on the whole has stayed pretty much the same.

Change is afoot though and when the next major release of WordPress drops (5.0) a new editor will be included and it’s called Gutenberg.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor that will replace the current WYSIWYG editor included with WordPress.  The aim is to make creating and editing posts and pages in WordPress a whole lot easier.

There are various page builders available for WordPress that you can install as plugins. They typically take on the ‘drag and drop’ block approach, and this is what Gutenberg will bring to WordPress. It appears to be starting with some basic drag and drop functionality, but more advanced features are hopefully on the way.

What Are the Pro’s and Cons?

From our testing – here are some of the pro’s

  • Drag and drop does lend itself to an easier design experience – especially for those new to WordPress of for those who are unsure about using HTML to create the layout that they want.
  • The design page layout will be cleaner with more screen space
  • Blocks are easy to use and includes an alignment tool to make sure everything is in it’s correct place
  • Works really well on mobile

And the cons

  • Missing Markdown support
  • Doesn’t support responsive columns
  • Many of us are already invested in a page builder plugin – what will the compatibility with these be like?

We’ll keep this list updated as we continue testing

What’s Included?

From our initial tests, here are some of the features currently included:

  • Drag and drop ‘boxes’
  • Image block
  • Text block
  • Gallery block
  • Heading block
  • Quote block
  • List block
  • Cover image block
  • Table block
  • Per box text and colour editor
  • Word count and block count
  • Live HTML block – this is neat. You add HTML to one box and it shows the output live below it
  • Drag image directly into a block
  • Contents and anchor link support
  • Buttons
  • Embed

Can I See It Now?

Yes, Gutenberg has been released as a plugin already to allow us to familiarise ourselves with it.

What If I Don’t Want It?

As of WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg will be built into WordPress; however, the current WYSIWYG editor will be available as a plugin should you wish to use it.