Easy Integration With Cloudflare

Website speed is important. Our current product options are all geared up to make your website load a fast as possible. There is a step further you can go and that is to use a Content Delivery Network or CDN. We highly recommend that you use Cloudflare.

What does Cloudflare do?

Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network, a network of servers located across the globe that provides various advantages for web site owners:

  • Cached content: Cloudflare helps improve page load speeds by caching your website content. This reduces bandwidth usage, and reduces CPU usage on the web server.
  • High availability: If a Cloudflare server experiences an issue, Cloudflare’s CDN switches to another server
  • Increased security: Cloudflare blocks threats before they even reach your website and can also provide some protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

All of our accounts have easy integration with Cloudflare via the cPanel control panel.

When you activate Cloudflare on your domain name it becomes part of the Cloudflare network and your website traffic will be routed through Cloudflares global network.

Your content will be optimised as Cloudflare stores static files from your website such as Javascript, CSS and Images and this gets served to your visitors from the closest data centre to them. This reduces latency and increases page load times.

Cloudflare can also block threats and abusive bots from getting to your site and eating up server resources.

Clouldflare has a free plan and a range of paid plans. The free plan out of the box will provide you with many of the features above.

To find out how to use Cloudflare on your hosting account, see our knowledgebase article.