imunify360 Now As Standard Across All Web Hosting Packages

Website security has never been as important. Increases in hacking and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks means better web hosting security is required. Most websites are protected by firewalls and web application firewalls, but we’ve invested further and brought Imunify360 to all of our web hosting packages. Here’s the headlines: What is imunify360? What … Read more

Backup and Restore a WordPress Website – ManageWP

Having the ability to backup and restore your WordPress website is vitally important. Having spent the time building your site, if something goes wrong you want to be safe in the knowledge you can recover your site quickly. While your host should make regular backups of your site, some only do this daily, or even … Read more

Google to Mark Sites With No SSL as ‘Not Secure’

Starting July 18 Google will mark any website that doesn’t have an SSL as ‘Not Secure’. You may have visited a website like this recently. When you see the address in the URL bar of your browser, there’s a little message to the left of the address that says ‘Not Secure’. We’re seeing the same … Read more