Sending Emails From Your Website

If you have a website that sends out emails, for example an alert from a contact form, password resets, registrations etc. you’ll need to set this up in your web application. Website emails are sent in 2 different ways – PHPMail or SMTP. PHPMail is a script normally written into the website. SMTP is sending … Read more

Google to Mark Sites With No SSL as ‘Not Secure’

Starting July 18 Google will mark any website that doesn’t have an SSL as ‘Not Secure’. You may have visited a website like this recently. When you see the address in the URL bar of your browser, there’s a little message to the left of the address that says ‘Not Secure’. We’re seeing the same … Read more

There’s No Such Thing as Unlimited Web Hosting

During your search for web hosting you may have come across some products that tell you that everything is unlimited. But, is it really true? First and foremost, there’s probably nothing wrong with these services. This post isn’t designed to undermine any of the other hosting companies out there. We do get asked though why … Read more

Why We Don’t Sell Domain Names

When we set up Revolution to provide hosting services to the small business and personal market, we thought long and hard about whether we should sell domain names. There were benefits – having everything under one account means it’s easier for you to manage. But, then there were the downsides. If you know how … Read more

Hello CloudLinux

When it comes to choosing a web host for your small business hosting you want to be sure you have the best possible performance going. To make it cost effective you probably end looking for a shared hosting account. This means that you and other people share the resources available on the server. You’ll find … Read more