Backup and Restore a WordPress Website – ManageWP

Having the ability to backup and restore your WordPress website is vitally important. Having spent the time building your site, if something goes wrong you want to be safe in the knowledge you can recover your site quickly.

While your host should make regular backups of your site, some only do this daily, or even weekly (we do hourly backups). It means that your site will only be as good as the last backup. It also means if the facility to do it yourself doesn’t exist, you will need to submit a ticket to your host to restore your site. This means more precious time with your site offline.

If you want a way to take control of backing up a WordPress website and the ability to restore it quickly, we recommend using ManageWP. We use it for our own websites and we love it!

ManageWP is a 3rd party company that allows you to manage all aspects of your WordPress installs – yes, you can add as many as you like to the one dashboard and do everything from backups to theme and plugin updates.

There’s an free level subscription which will give you access to monthly backups. The premium daily backup will cost you $2 (about £1.60) a month. With that you get the ability to do on-demand backups too. That means if you think there’s a risk that something you might do could have the potential to break your site, you can back it up, try and it and if it fails restore in just a few minutes.

So, while your hosts backups are there to protect you. If you want to take control and manage this yourself, along with the ability to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard then we recommend you take a look at ManageWP.