Our Platform

Web Hosting on RevCloud

We’ve used the best tech we can find to build our web hosting platform. We’ve built our entire platform on RevCloud. The RevCloud Platform is the exact same platform where Googles own services such as search and mail are held.

RevCloud Platform allows us to scale quickly . This means we can quickly respond to demand. It also means next to no downtime as Google has something called live migrate. When a server becomes unhealthy or needs to be taken out for maintenance, all of the data is migrated to a new server, with no downtime and no loss of data.

The RevCloud Platform is capable of handling ridiculous amounts of traffic. Some suggestions say millions of queries per second and all of this could be powering your websites.

We’ve taken a one server one job approach to our platform. It means we’ve separated out the key components onto individual servers. For example, our control panels and your websites are help one one server, MySQL on another and Caching on another. This approach reduces bottlenecks and allows us to develop the individual server components with the right amount of resources.